Term One, Part Two

With threats of a great storm heading for the UK this weekend, summer seems a long time ago. However what a summer 2013 was. 

It carried on as we returned to school and only in the last week have we needed to switch the school boilers on.

We have had a great start to 2013-14 and as always the children have been brilliant, both in behaviour and effort. They are the real sunshine in our school. ☀

Our new staff members have settled in well and our nursery and reception children, new to Brookhill are now so at home, it’s like they’ve always been here! 

This year I will be joining the rest of the school in blogging and sharing news with our community. We are very proud of Brookhill and everyone in its community and our blogs are a wonderful way of celebrating this! Remember to keep up to date with our postings.

School starts back on Monday and this week you will receive a letter with up and coming dates for your diaries. 

See you soon

Mrs Sainsbury