What a busy day! Animals come to town and Sports days!

We were very lucky to have Whitepost Farm visiting us yesterday. Along side this we had sports days all day.
With such a busy day we had to make sure we didn’t get muddled, some of the wonderful animals were certainly trying to escape to join in!
Enjoy the photos. As always our children were fantastic.

20140619-091630 am-33390349.jpg

20140619-091629 am-33389683.jpg

20140619-091630 am-33390131.jpg

20140619-091629 am-33389920.jpg

20140619-091630 am-33390738.jpg

20140619-091630 am-33390980.jpg

20140619-091631 am-33391503.jpg

20140619-091631 am-33391242.jpg

20140619-091631 am-33391768.jpg

20140619-091632 am-33392028.jpg

20140619-091632 am-33392542.jpg

20140619-091632 am-33392289.jpg

20140619-091632 am-33392803.jpg

20140619-091633 am-33393056.jpg

20140619-091633 am-33393313.jpg

20140619-091633 am-33393813.jpg

20140619-091634 am-33394301.jpg

20140619-091634 am-33394834.jpg

20140619-091635 am-33395154.jpg

20140619-091635 am-33395435.jpg

20140619-091635 am-33395817.jpg

20140619-091636 am-33396132.jpg

20140619-091636 am-33396581.jpg

20140619-091637 am-33397997.jpg

Class of 2014-15

It’s that time of year again where we start preparing our new class names for September…well this year it will be July! The children will be very settled in their classes before we even break up for the holidays. Great news. Watch out for clues to class names on my blog…

Very Proud of Olivia

On Saturday I joined Olivia’s family to watch her perform with other musicians. I felt immensely proud and honoured to be able to attend. As well as working hard to learn a musical instrument in school (all our Y3 to 6 children have a school funded music lesson every week) Olivia has been working very hard in her clarinet lessons. Olivia has already passed grade exams for clarinet and performed beautifully.

20140611-074655 pm-71215618.jpg

20140611-074655 pm-71215732.jpg

20140611-074655 pm-71215677.jpg