Mrs Sainsbury as a Brownie

I belonged to the Brownie Guides Association. Here is a picture of me in my uniform with my favourite doll! I remember gaining my hostess badge ( I had to learn to make a cup of tea and some coffee flavoured biscuits).

I was also awarded my writers badge, which you can see on my uniform.

Later on I joined the Guides and we carried out lots of work helping people in the community. I re,emenr one year we went camping and had to learn to make a stand to hold a washing bowl and to put cups and plates on to drain. All we had to make this stand was a pile of sticks and twigs and some string. It worked really well, I have to say.

When I was older I joined the Venture Scouts and that’s where I met Mr Sainsbury. One of the things we did a lot in venture scouts was camoeing. I only fell out of my canoe into the River Thames a few times! We used to help people in the community with shopping and gardening and odd jobs needed around the house for older people. Who do you help? What do you do? What do you do outside school? 

Scouts and Guides 

Baden Powell’s Birthday 

A reminder that on Monday we  are having a belated celebration of  Baden Powell’s Birthday (Founders Day). Baden Powell set up The Scout and Guiding Association. Children may come to school in their Brownies, Cubs, Beavers, Rainbows, Guides and Scouts uniform.