Watch this clip showing how a child can feel just before they go to sleep.

We have had some incidents of online unkindness recently on social media and are concerned that some parents are not aware of their child’s  online activities.

It is a parents duty to make sure their children are safe, and unfortunately we cannot trust everybody else to behave correctly online, as we teach our own children. 

If your child takes a mobile device to bed, and we hope they don’t, how do you know the messages they are receiving or sending? 

The worrying thing is that children don’t tell adults and whilst we work to change that, we are still finding children keeping things to themselves about unkind or bullying postings happening outside of school and at all hours of the day and night.

Watch this …

Music-lly  and Facebook are not supposed to be accessed by children of primary school age.

If a parent comes into school with issues about these sites the first thing we will request of them is that they ensure their child is not on the site to start with. The sites state age 12-13 as a minimum. If the child is on the site when advised not to, there is little we can do to help.

X Box Live and such platforms are also dangerous and we hear  worrying things being said from one child to another and from total strangers whilst online.

Experts advise that you have these electronic games devices in a public area,  not a  young child’s bedroom. 

We will soon be having Lorna Naylor into school to deliver a workshop for parents to help you keep your children safe. She is excellent at helping schools and communities to reduce online bullying and dangers.

In the meantime if you have any questions you can always come in and see us.