September Jumpers

In preparation for The Florence Nightingale Academy opening on the 1st of September all children will receive a new jumper funded by the school from the school academy conversion fund.

Children new to our foundation classes (Reception) Will also receive a free tie and book bag.

Many families have uniform that they pass down to younger siblings, or may have uniform that still fits their children. Especially when it hasn’t been worn for a long time.

Well this is absolutely fine! Brookhill Leys Logos will still be worn at The Florence Academy whilst families still have these jumpers and we expect that for some time there will be a mixture of logos being worn. This is very common and worked well 9 years ago when we changed our school uniform. And we are really pleased that we are keeping the reaching for the stars, as this was designed by children. Nothing else is changing with uniform. Our smart uniform and high standards remain.

The Florence Nightingale Academy.

Hello everybody. We want to let you know that after exploring all the names people have suggested and thinking about our values and what is important to us , our new school name will be The Florence Nightingale Academy.

Florence Nightingale was a trailblazer of her time. Brought up in nearby Derbyshire, Florence became a most important figure in the development of nursing and the establishment of a nursing school at ST Thomas’ hospital in London. The hospital that this year the life of our Prime Minister and thousands more lives were saved from COVID-19.

Alongside recognising Florence, our new name is also a dedication to the amazing work of our nurses, doctors, carers and cleaners of today. In the year of Lockdown 2020 when our new school opens on The 1st of September, we say THANKYOU to the NHS

The Florence Nightingale Academy, where our children can laugh often, dream big and reach for the stars 🌟

We are very proud! Mrs Sainsbury, Mrs Baxter and the TEAM

We will be welcoming every child back in September! Hooray!

Good day to you all. As you know we have been able to offer school to every child whose parent wants to and is able to bring them to school, since June, although not all full time.

Today we have just had the news that we CAN fully open in September and we are delighted! I can’t tell you how much we have missed the children and our families.

There will be some small differences and I will write to you soon with more information but every child will be in a class with their friends and their teacher.

We will be making some changes, such as: the end of the day from 1st of September is changing to 3.15pm; Foundation children and Infants will not be able to bring packed lunches, they will all have their meals provided by school and paid for by school; Some of our usual planned activities such as open classrooms will need to be postponed until the government says we can do these things.

But the teachers are ready to teach your children and care for them and they are very excited!

Here is the link to the document the government have today published if you wanted to read what they have said about September for primary and secondary schools.

Please Apply Today

If you think you may be entitled to Free School Meals, even of just for a short amount of time, then please apply as soon as possible. The office can help you.

Everyone who gets free school meals status will then get Β£15 a week for food for each child you have over the summer holidays!!! So if you have 3 children for example that will be over Β£220! For food. And you will also be helping school get funding for catch up lessons in September as the government will put money into school for every child who registers for free school meals.

So even if you get free meals because your child is in infants, you still need to apply to get the food vouchers.

If you want to…

If you want to send a thankyou card to one of your amazing members of staff then you can go to this link and follow the instructions. It doesn’t cost anything but it does mean the World to someone to know you appreciate them.

I can tell you that when I told the teachers that some reception children were coming back next week there was tears of joy to be able to see some of our young VIPs and also to continue the work with the children who will still be at home for now.

Now we are working on plans for Y6 and Y1 and then hopefully Nursery and some other year groups will have time in school before the summer break. I will keep you posted.

Risk Assessments

I have never completed a risk assessment for a school activity before , where the risks are still red after all measures have been put into place? When we open wider we will put all safety measures in place that we can. However this will not remove the risks of infection, it will only reduce the chances of transfer.

Currently we are still working on our plans for wider opening. Based on work so far, next week we are only open from Wednesday for keyworker and vulnerable children, as we have been. Staff will be training and preparing for this Monday and Tuesday. The earliest for any wider opening will be Monday 8th June.

We need more time to put safe practices in place and for the number of infections to continue to lower.

We will be writing to parents today after the government have completed their briefing.

Meanwhile we continue to provide home learning for every child and support for all our families .